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ANITA TUTOR, Inc. started off with Anita doing in-home tutoring. With a growing demand for services, she decided to renovate part of her home into a learning center, where she eventually brought on qualified members to help out. After beginning her teaching career, and school becoming more time-consuming, she decided to invest in a professional space in Glendale. She had her mind set on creating such a place that would be perfect for students to go after school, to stay productive, safe, and feel as if it’s their second home. This is the vision she had for her future children as well. Slowly but surely, Anita and her loyal team expanded to La Crescenta, and a second location in the heart of Glendale, where she grew up. It is truly a dream that was envisioned 10 years ago that has become a reality. She is very thankful of the team she has by her side and the support of the entire ANITA TUTOR family.

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We expect not only our students to discover the leader within them, but our tutors to take on that role as well. Our tutors pave the way for our future leaders and have high expectations for our students.

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Teamwork really makes the dreamwork. Tutoring is not a drop-off, pick-up and see results immediately system. Tutors and parents have a strong relationship and constant communication. In person, or through Remind, we are able to update in real time and check progress of student improvement. Students must take responsibility for their learning and come with a positive attitude, and do their part as much as the tutor and parent does theirs.

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Confidence is key! If a student has confidence as their foundation, they will not hesitate to ask the types of questions they need in order to receive clarification or challenge an idea. We want our students to grow upon a confident attitude where they believe in themselves. You are your only competition.

10 Years of

Learning with fun

Along with learning and growing, we need to involve a key factor… fun! Students are able to earn Tutor Tickets for a variety of reasons. When they reach a certain amount of tickets, they pick a prize from our prize box! Also, each month we choose 2 Student of the Month winners who receive a certificate and a gift card to one of our delicious sponsors! Yum! GO ahead, you deserve it! We also have incentives for our hard-working tutors. We treat our Tutor of the Month as well with a Starbucks gift card. (Coffee; a teacher’s best friend!)

Parents need a break just as much as our kids do, so we set up Movie Nights twice per month at both of our locations! Enjoy a popular movie, with popcorn, pizza, snacks, juice, water, and entertaining activities from 6:00-8:30PM. This gives students a chance to get to know each other in a social environment and provides parents with a well-deserved night out!



‚ÄčAnita Sahakian

Mrs. Anita is a credentialed 2nd-grade teacher for the last 10 years and has experience working in the classroom setting for 5 years prior as a private tutor and educational assistant. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing and continued her education with a Masters in Educational Administration from CSUN. She took her passion for teaching young, curious minds

“We are here to provide your child with the extra assistance they need to thrive! We have amazing tutors that are here to help achieve and challenge our talented students, along with having a role-model rapport. Our goal is to create a safe and positive environment for students to succeed.”

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