enrichment tutoring

What is the Purpose of Enrichment Tutoring?

Kids have different learning levels. Some of them struggle to keep up in class. Others have no issues learning in a classroom setup. If your kids need a bit more of a challenge, then they can definitely take advantage of enrichment tutoring.  What is an Enrichment Tutoring Program?  An enrichment program is designed for students…

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enrichment courses

What is the Purpose of Enrichment Courses?

Every child’s education was affected by the pandemic. Many US students have suffered math learning loss. Challenges still persist after the COVID-19 crisis. But you can take proactive steps towards your children’s education by enrolling them in enrichment courses.  What are the Benefits of Enrichment Courses?  Offer Further Learning  The school day for your kids…

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Armenian classes

Learning Armenian to Help You Reconnect with Your Roots

The Armenian language has a fascinating history. It is a part of the Indo-European language and it is a cousin of French, Spanish, Italian, and German. If you wish to reconnect with your Armenian roots or simply want to understand its rich culture, enrolling in one of the Armenian classes can be your ticket to…

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reading comprehension

Why Is It So Vital to Improve Your Kids’ Reading Comprehension?

If your kids have difficulty reading, it can definitely affect their performance in school and their adult lives. Kids with poor reading comprehension have low confidence. They also get poor grades. Thankfully, it can be alleviated through regular practice.  Understanding Reading Comprehension for Kids  Reading comprehension is different from the ability to read. Keep in…

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writing workshop

Writing Workshop: Get An Outstanding Support That Your Children Need

Writing skills are vital. They can help in communicating a message with clarity and ease. Unfortunately, kids do struggle when it comes to writing an essay. This is where enrolling them in a writing workshop can be truly helpful.  Correct Poor Writing Skills with Writing Workshop  Poor writing skills can affect your kids’ grades. That’s…

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English language development

The Importance of English Language Development in Children

English language development is a critical part of your children’s overall development. It does not only support your children’s learning ability but also their communication skills. By developing their ability to understand English, your kids will have no difficulty expressing and understanding their feelings. It will also support their thinking ability.  Laying the Foundation for…

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