How Can a Reading Tutor Improve the Reading Skills of Your Kids?

Reading Tutor in Glendale

Reading is one of the focal points of literacy. But reading is just nothing without comprehension. That’s why your kids must also develop their ability to read and understand. It is one of the things that was taught at school. Both reading and comprehension can greatly impact cognitive abilities. Our reading tutor in Glendale will help them develop their reading comprehension skills.

Reading Tutor in Glendale to Help Kids in Reading and Understanding a Text

It may seem easy. Reading, that is. However, when your kids are asked to read something, it becomes a complex process for them. The reason for this is that it has several levels, including understanding and remembering the details. When your kids attend Anita Tutor private classes, they can learn these skills to improve their reading skills. 


This is the initial step toward learning how to read. It is the reason the primary school syllabus highlights teaching phonetics with the alphabet. What are phonetics? They are the way a word will sound when pronounced. Kids are taught to decode words through visualization. Phonetics plays a vital role in learning how to pronounce words. And this is typically the first step toward improving their reading skills. 

Becoming Fluent 

When your kids learn how to decode, the next step is to learn how to do it effortlessly. That is, they learn how to focus on the ability to read a text. Then, they can interpret new words faster while reading. Fluency impacts how often you take breaks in mid-sentence. The more fluent you are the more you can improve your speed and efficacy of their comprehension while reading a text. 


After mastering the pronunciation of words, your kids will start to improve their comprehension. They will start knowing the literal meaning of the words, phrases, or even idioms to help them enjoy the process without having to use a dictionary repeatedly. 

When they enroll in the reading comprehension class of Anita Tutor, your kids are taught how to improve their reading quality by knowing how to widen their vocabulary. One of the tricks here is to note the words they don’t understand. After that, they can look into the words after finishing what they read. Writing down the words will be useful in registering words to their long-term memory. As a result, they can remember them for a remarkably long time. 


This is the final step of mastering reading comprehension. Understanding the text revolves around the words they can remember from the text they read. Anita Tutor will teach them how to summarize what they have read to improve their retention skills while strengthening their reading ability. 

Reading Tutor in Glendale

Start investing in Your Child’s Reading Comprehension

Anita Tutor offers private tutoring and group sessions. If your kids want to have 1:1 tutoring, they can choose our private tutoring session available for grades K- 12. This class focuses on individual student goals. Find out more about our reading tutor in Glendale and other courses available for your kids to help them grow. Call us here to know more: (747) 400-7624.

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