South Pasadena Private Tutor for Your Kid’s Personalized Education

south pasadena private tutor

Anita Tutor is a private tutor in South Pasadena. We believe that education must not be approached as a one-size-fits-all. Instead, we support parents who wish to provide their children with a customized educational plan. 

Personalized Education by South Pasadena Private Tutor 

Our private tutors come from different backgrounds. Despite that, all of them have a passion for education. We offer a wide range of tutoring for various topics, including coding and math. 

Private Coding Tutoring 

Programming for kids is an extracurricular subject. However, teaching young kids to code can set them up for success in the future. They don’t have to pursue a career in computer science. With their coding skills, they can have a great edge in the modern industry. 

Because of the greater awareness of the advantages of coding, parents are now looking for private tutors to teach their kids tutoring basics. Some schools do teach coding to elementary school children. However, the teaching approach is the same for all levels. Furthermore, learning how to code can get boring. But with a private tutor, your kids will have exciting ways to obtain information. 

Enrichment Classes 

With the growing education gap in the US, several educational programs aim to enrich the knowledge of the kids. Some students struggle to keep up while others want more challenges. The enrichment courses at Anita Tutor are offered based on learning levels. It allows individual attention and collaborative learning. 

Your kids are more motivated to learn in a small community of learners. Private enrichment classes come in various forms. The type of class for your children will depend on their learning levels. 

Math Tutor 

Anita Tutor creates a personalized math learning plan for every student. The process starts with assessment. Your children’s abilities will be evaluated so that our teachers can put together a plan to set them on the path to success. 

The main goal here is to help elementary school students in building a strong foundation in math. Our tutoring programs will motivate students to learn more. Piquing the curiosities of elementary students is necessary so they are engaged. That’s why we create a program that will help them better understand and retain math principles. It can be in the form of games, puzzles, and other methods that will relate math to the real world. 

Anita Tutors You Can Trust

Our tutoring programs are based on strategies by educators of young kids. We create a safe environment for children so they can learn properly. We screen our tutors and verify their credentials. We also provide detailed reports on your children’s process. The reports will give you a glimpse of how your kids are doing during the tutoring sessions. 

south pasadena private tutor for your kids personalized education

Challenges of Learning

All kids have challenges in learning. Anita Tutor strives hard to help kids get through those challenges so they can start enjoying math, coding, reading, writing, and other elementary subjects. Our tutors work with younger students throughout their learning processes so they become more confident when solving math problems, writing an essay, comprehending what they are reading, and learning to code.

If you wish to invest in the future of your children, we can work together. Call our South Pasadena private tutor today at (747) 400-7624.

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