What is the Purpose of Enrichment Tutoring?

enrichment tutoring

Kids have different learning levels. Some of them struggle to keep up in class. Others have no issues learning in a classroom setup. If your kids need a bit more of a challenge, then they can definitely take advantage of enrichment tutoring

What is an Enrichment Tutoring Program? 

An enrichment program is designed for students who require learning at a higher level than in a conventional classroom. If your kids want an extra challenge in the classroom so they can get more interested in learning, then this program is ideal for them. The program focuses on certain subjects that your kids excel in and let them work at a certain level so that they are more at ease. 

Getting a Picture of their Academic Level

When you enroll your kids in our enrichment courses, they need to undergo an assessment to give our team an in-depth picture of their level. The information we can gather from the assessment will help us create a customized tutoring program if your kids need it. A customized program may be necessary for your children to ensure their progress. 

Who Can Take Advantage of the Enrichment Program? 

It is meant for kids who quickly understand class content. As a result, they get bored at school. They need more advanced material that will help them feel excited to learn more. If your kids have a difficult time maintaining their attention, then they can benefit from this program. Another indication that your kids need it is if they take less time to grasp the concepts than the rest of the class. 

Understanding their Learning Style 

Many students get bored at school and they don’t know why. These students make teachers question why they are not engaged. If you are worried, you can enroll them in our enrichment courses to help them understand the reason they are under-stimulated. We have different resources that can help them be more engaged during class. 

Better Their Study Skills 

Enrichment programs also tackle proper study skills. These would include teaching kids about time management and test preparation. These skills can tremendously help them when they are in higher education because class materials become more advanced. 

Boost Their Interest in Learning 

If they are engaged, their passion for learning also increases. They get excited about going to school now. The programs can spark their interest and provide materials that allow them to be more engaged in learning. 


Kids who feel challenged are more motivated to learn. With enrichment courses, tutors can provide students with concepts that are challenging and engaging. As a result, students can have higher motivation overall. 

enrichment tutoring

Customized Sessions 

If your kids learn at their own pace, they are more motivated to learn. Tutors for our enrichment courses can customize lessons for your kids in every area. The material provided is based on skill level, instead of grade level. 

Are you interested in enrolling your kids in our enrichment tutoring programs? Please give us a call here to find out more about how to invest in your children’s future: (747) 400-7624.


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