Why Is It So Vital to Improve Your Kids’ Reading Comprehension?

reading comprehension

If your kids have difficulty reading, it can definitely affect their performance in school and their adult lives. Kids with poor reading comprehension have low confidence. They also get poor grades. Thankfully, it can be alleviated through regular practice. 

Understanding Reading Comprehension for Kids 

Reading comprehension is different from the ability to read. Keep in mind that your kids can read a sentence but never understand its meaning. But if your kids have an excellent comprehension of what they read, they can easily process the meaning behind the words and ideas. It is not just about understanding words or their meaning. Rather, it is about their ability to recognize paragraphs, sentences, or words. 

What are the Things to Improve Their Reading Comprehension? 

Most children don’t enjoy reading. If your kids don’t like reading, they are less likely to strive in school. It can lead to poor reading skills. As a parent, you can help your kids improve their abilities. 

Find the Books that They Like 

One of the reasons your kids have reading comprehension is that they are not interested in what they are reading. Students are more inspired to read if they can find the books that they prefer. Thus, the secret to improving your kids’ reading ability is to find books that they want to read. It can be about science, a novel, or anything. 

Read the Words Out Loud 

Students have difficulty reading if they can’t hear the words. That’s why you can read the words out loud to them while you are practicing reading with your kids. You should also encourage them to read aloud if they struggle with a part of a book or a certain word. 

Let Them Re-Read Some Sections 

There are sections in a book that can be confusing for your kid. Let them revisit those parts that they find confusing so they can gain a better picture of what they are trying to learn. It ensures your child will have a better understanding of the upcoming material in the text. 

Write Down the Words 

Another way to help your kids comprehend what they are reading is to make them write down the words. Then, encourage them to look the words up in a dictionary. You should also teach them how to use those words in a sentence.

reading comprehension 

Hire a Reading Tutor 

Although improving your children’s reading comprehension is something that you can do at home, hiring a private tutor can give them an extra boost. Tutors are skillful in how to teach kids. They are trained to do it. A reading tutor can have all the necessary materials and tools to ensure that your kids’ reading comprehension will be better in just a few sessions. 

If you think that your kids’ reading comprehension is behind their peers’, make sure to give us a call. Our private tutors might just have the right tools for them to become better readers. Call us here to know more: (747) 400-7624.


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