Private tutoring in LA Crescenta — Preparing Your Kids for the School Year

Private Tutoring LA Crescenta

Kids can fail in some subjects, even though they are bright. Some of them just do not like school anymore. For them, it is tough and they have a hard time keeping up. You can motivate them. But it might not work. How can private tutoring in LA Crescenta help? 

Why Parents Should Give Private Tutoring a Try for Their Kids?

Kids Would Respond Well to Tutors 

Private tutors have special qualities that are unique to them. They are not your kids’ teachers or parents. But children respond well to them in a way that they don’t respond to teachers or their parents. That’s because some kids need help from people they could identify with. Private tutoring is not only for students who struggle academically. Rather, kids need private tutors because they need a helping hand with school. 

One-on-One Engagement 

It is difficult to provide your kids with the one-on-one engagement that they need to excel academically. They don’t need a teacher because they already have one in school. But their teachers have other students that they attend to every day. Private tutors can provide to the students that need one-on-one engagement to excel academically. Our private tutors can engage with your kids in a way that their teachers can’t. Hence kids will be more motivated to study. 

Private Tutoring LA Crescenta

Bridging the Gaps with Enrichment Courses 

When your kids go to school each day, they struggle to understand new concepts being taught. They have a lot of things to do. They need to learn how to read and write, solve math problems, and write essays, among others. In most cases, children who failed in class have not mastered the fundamental skills. But most schools do not support students who fail. Even smart kids can fall behind. 

This is where an enrichment course becomes beneficial. It bridges the gaps in education. Anita Tutor will support your children’s ability to acquire vital comprehension and analytics skills. 

Enrolling your kids in our enrichment courses will help them develop their reading and comprehension skills, which are vital to their academic success. During the enrichment class, your kids will be taught various strategies to improve their understanding and reading skills. They will also explore different styles of writing so they can master the art of writing essays. 

The coding course is another enrichment program being offered by Anita Tutor. Kids will get to know how to write Java programs using the basics of programming. And if they struggle in speaking the English language, Anita Tutor can help them get out of ELD programs through helpful resources. Our tutors will boost their literacy, thereby, boosting their confidence. 

Our private tutoring in La Crescenta also offers Eastern and Western Armenian classes. They are available for beginners and advanced students. You can sign up today by calling us at (747) 400-7624. Or you can come and know if we are the right fit for your children’s path to success.

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