Arcadia Private Tutoring with Highly Qualified Educators

arcadia private tutoring

Anita Tutor offers private tutoring for kids in Arcadia. Your children will learn with our highly-qualified educators. Our tutors are educators who have been selected from elite universities and graduate programs. 

Personalized Approach with Arcadia Private Tutoring Programs 

Every student is unique. Some students learn more quickly while others need more time to process information. However, a typical classroom setup is not optimal for children. Private tutoring for elementary school students can counter that. Anita Tutor can assess your children’s learning needs and we’ll set the pace required to help them achieve the desired results. 

Fewer Distractions During Private Tutoring 

A typical classroom setup is not conducive to learning. It prevents children from using their time wisely. Private tutoring happens in a peaceful setting. Thus, there are fewer distractions. Our private tutors for reading, writing, and math can give their full focus on your children so they can study the materials. 

One-On-One Approach for Coding 

The one-on-one approach that we use here at Anita Tutor will help your kids to become more confident about their knowledge of coding. With our tutors’ continuous positive reinforcement, they can be more active and more motivated to learn and code their first computer program.

Better Solve Math Problems 

Your kids can process and assimilate information at their own pace. They learn the fundamentals of math so they get better at school. With increased confidence, they are less likely to question their knowledge. They will also participate more in math activities at school because they now have a better understanding of this subject, instead of just memorizing numbers. 

More Opportunities in the Future 

Private tutoring will make your kids better. They have better future opportunities. Because colleges consider grades as part of admitting students, your children will have better chances of getting into a university or college they wish to enroll in. 

Tailored Tutoring Sessions

Private tutors at Anita Tutor can personalized tutoring sessions with your kids. They can involve topics related to the syllabus material. This will help pique their interest in the subject. They can easily apply their knowledge in real life. 

Call Our Director 

Our academic director at Anita Tutor is highly qualified in understanding your children’s unique challenges and strengths. Call us today at (747) 400-7624. 

We encourage you to schedule a one-on-one assessment with us so we can determine your children’s learning abilities. You may bring along their old tests, assignments, and report cards so we can point out areas of focus. 

arcadia private tutoring

Learning Goals 

Parents have learning goals for their children. You can talk about them with our private tutors. These goals will form the basis of our personalized assessment of your children. After we have completed the assessment, your children may enroll in one of our enrichment courses. 

  • English Language Development
  • Rigorous readers
  • Writing Workshop
  • Eastern and Western Armenian
  • English as a Second Language 
  • Financial Literacy 

To know more about our enrichment courses, please call our Arcadia private tutoring team at (747) 400-7624.

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