The Top Things to Know About Common Core Strategies for Math

Common Core Strategies Tutor in Glendale

Common core strategies tutor in Glendale can be a huge help for your kids, especially in understanding math basics. As a child, you had no idea why you needed to carry the 1 in addition. You just did it because it’s a rule. But if you know the common core strategies, you could easily understand addition and subtraction, instead of just following the steps. 

Get Help from Common Core Strategies Tutor in Glendale

These strategies can be a new way to solve problems. Some kids just don’t get math. However, when they are introduced to these strategies, the result is phenomenal. Unfortunately, some schools don’t teach them. So, kids don’t learn the algorithm for subtracting and adding at the early stage of learning. Instead, they learn it in fourth grade. 

Help Kids in the Long run 

The common core strategies may take a while to master. They are crazy strategies but they can definitely help kids in the long run. In the past, we were taught directly. We memorized addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. Our teachers told us to just follow them to find the right answer. Unfortunately, teaching our kids this way will not guarantee they know what they are doing. They are only following the steps. Some kids can’t solve math problems the same way as other kids. That’s why it’s vital to have different strategies so they get it without the need to memorize them as a series of steps. 

Develop Number Sense 

The old way of subtracting or adding required following specific steps. But if you forget just one step, you’ll get lost. But with the common core strategies, kids can develop a certain technique along with learning. They can connect concrete objects to numbers, offer opportunities to add tens and understand how to compose numbers. 

Learn Mental Math

When the kids master the strategies, they can develop mental math. It means that they don’t necessarily need calculators to solve math problems. They can easily count and solve problems in their head. The most important thing is that they can do so accurately and flexibly. 

Do All Tutors Implement these Strategies? 

Unfortunately, not all private tutors implement them. That’s why if you want to hone your kids’ math skills, make sure to enroll them in an enrichment course that tackles these strategies. 

Common Core Strategies Tutor in Glendale

Finding a Tutor

At Anita Tutor, we’ll provide your kids with these strategies along with other courses, such as English language development and writing workshop. Your kids can also hone their reading comprehension and writing skills. With the right strategies, they can become financially literate. 

And if you wish your kids to learn more about coding, our coding courses are available for 4th grade and up. They can help your kids get an early glimpse into the programming world. If you wish to know more about coding and common core strategies tutoring in Glendale, please talk to us here: (747) 400-7624


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