What are the Strategies Used by a Reading Tutor in Glendale for Different Learning Styles?

reading tutor in Glendale

Some kids have difficulty reading. There are several reasons for this. One is that they have limited vocabulary or they lack exposure to reading. They may also have poor comprehension skills. If your kids struggle to read, it might be time for you to look for a private reading tutor in Glendale

How Can a Reading Tutor in Glendale Help Students Who Struggle with Reading? 

Before private tutors can help their students struggling with reading, they must first assess their students’ reading levels. The assessment allows them to identify certain areas of difficulty. They might have difficulty in vocabulary, phonemic awareness, or comprehension skills. 

Providing Targeted Instructions

Based on the assessment, tutors can provide targeted instructions to address the specific needs of the students. It includes teaching strategies for decoding words, building vocabulary, or improving comprehension skills. 

Teaching Vocabulary 

Most students with poor reading comprehension also have poor vocabulary skills. They have difficulty understanding what they read or hear. Thus, tutors should teach the meanings of new words using multi-sensory strategies. They can be pictures, mnemonics, and graphic organizers. By increasing their language skills, they can also increase their understanding of the words they encounter in written text. They can provide context and examples to make the words more meaningful to them. 

Teaching Critical Thinking Skills 

Some students still struggle with reading comprehension despite having a robust vocabulary. One reason is that they struggle with complex thinking. This is a vital skill to keep up with the important details and to obtain the information implied but not directly stated. Tutors can teach them to make inferences, identify main ideas, and draw conclusions. These can all assist students in understanding and analyzing the text they are reading. 

Boosting Fluency 

One of the tricks in improving their fluency is to let them practice reading aloud. Tutors can also teach students strategies for phrasing. They should also encourage students to read independently so they will know how to find texts that interest them. This can assist them in developing a love of reading and becoming more motivated to read. 

Although reading comprehension is being tackled in a classroom setup, the teachers can’t provide one-on-one instruction, unlike private tutors. That’s why if you want to invest in the future of your kids, you should consider hiring a tutor. A one-on-one tutor can help your kids receive targeted instruction that can address their specific needs. 

reading tutor in Glendale

What Anita Tutor Can Help? 

Anita Tutor has been helping students improve their reading comprehension ability. The tutors here provide opportunities for students to praise their reading comprehension skills in a safe environment to help them build their confidence. 

Reading comprehension is a complex skill. It requires multiple cognitive processes. It also takes time for students to improve. A reading tutor in Glendale can be an effective person to help your kids improve their reading comprehension skills. Call us today to find out how our private tutors can help your kids. We offer in-home and online tutoring for grades K 12: (747) 400-7624

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