The Importance of English Language Development in Children

English language development

English language development is a critical part of your children’s overall development. It does not only support your children’s learning ability but also their communication skills. By developing their ability to understand English, your kids will have no difficulty expressing and understanding their feelings. It will also support their thinking ability. 

Laying the Foundation for Reading and Writing Skills Through English Language Development 

As your kids enter and advance through school, they need a proper foundation for their reading and writing skills. This is where language development becomes more vital. For every aspect of their education, they need the English language to communicate with their teachers or connect with their peers. Developing their language skills is vital for their progress in later life. It is not just about pursuing an education or developing a career. 

Literacy and Language Development 

Literacy and language development are linked. Early literacy is connected to language development in kids. The link is natural considering that before children learn how to read words, they need to understand how the language works. Before they turn eight, they form the language foundation and literacy development through speech patterns and knowing the meaning of symbols. With that in mind, language development is crucial in reading. 

Problems in Language Skills 

However, kids’ language skills can be delayed for whatever reason. As a result, they have inefficient vocabularies, leading to falling behind their peers. Thus, if you don’t want your kids to flunk in class, you may want to expose them to structured instruction to boost their language skills. This will also assist them in bridging their achievement gap.

English language development

Seek Professional Help 

There are various negative consequences of improper language development. If your child is showing signs of no interest in the English language or that they don’t like to improve their skills, you should consider seeking professional help. Professional help does not mean you go to a doctor to assess your kids’ abilities. Instead, your kids may just need a one-on-one tutoring session to improve their language skills. 

Private tutoring is one of the best ways to enhance your children’s speech. The tutor can give your children undivided attention that a classroom teacher can’t provide. The English language development course by Anita Tutor is especially important if English is not your primary language. 

Just because English is not your children’s first language, it does not mean that they must avoid participating in their classes. Or if your kids are told to take an ELD program, our private tutors can help them get out of these courses. We have helpful ELD courses that can be helpful for your kids’ language development. They are useful to boost their literacy and confidence. 

Your kids don’t need to fall behind their peers because they can’t speak well in English. Enroll them in our 8-week course and boost their English language skills. To know more about our English language development program, please contact us here: (747) 400-7624.


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